Whole Life Challenge Testimonial: Adam B.

Here’s a testimonial from our last go round with the Whole Life Challenge. Registration for the next one starts January 11!

Name: Adam B.
Age: 29

What is your background in fitness and sport? I played sports in high school and some in college. I worked out on my own off and on for the last several years until beginning in Crossfit about 5 months ago.

How did the Whole Life Challenge impact your life? The Whole Life Challenge had a very positive impact on my life. Just sticking to the nutrition plan alone made drastic changes. My energy levels increased, I felt better, and my workouts improved.

What was the most significant thing that you got from doing the Whole Life Challenge? The most significant thing I got from the Whole Life Challenge was the overall improvement in my health and the way I felt about myself.

Compared to other things you have done, how does the Whole Life Challenge compare? The Whole Life Challenge had much more impact than any other diet/nutrition/workout plan I’ve ever done. It encompasses every part of life, not just the workouts or nutrition, but everything you do during the day.

Are there things that will be a part of your life after the Whole Life Challenge? I hope to try and keep going with the program as a whole as much as I can. It will be difficult on my own but the results are going to be worth it.



Tuesday’s Workout
AMRAP: 20 Minutes
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

Author: Peter

Peter Haas - Co-owner/operator of Crossfit Downtown Winston

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